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Our Mission
"To bring about Socio-economic awareness through education of underprivileged children and upliftment of downtroddent widows and poorest villagers."
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VKEC had started as early as in 2004,but officially came into existence in 2008-09,but handful of youngersters in small city like Rampur had vision to serve those downtrodden humans,who needed help to marry their daughters,earn bread and butter for their famiy's survival by poor widows,arrange blood for those,who can be saved by a unit of blood and those childerns,who had no penny to pay school fees and rupees to buy books.

Our Mission

Every person is human being and when Almighty bless them with prosperity and wealth by way of their earnings,profits and share,in real means in old ages,Rishis Munis,Maulvis and our Dharmacharyas taught us that Dashwant I.e 10% of earnings be donated for good deeds,poors and downtroddens,living below poverty line,to get their blessings.

Contact Us

Mr.Arun K.Sethi
( Patron )
+91 9891420555
+91 7838090777
A-36 GF Sector-34

Mr.Nirmal Singh
+91 9837032507
Western U.P
Gurdawara Singh Sabha
Civil Lines
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