Our Mission
Every person is human being and when Almighty bless them with prosperity and wealth by way of their earnings,profits and share,in real means in old ages,Rishis Munis,Maulvis and our Dharmacharyas taught us that Dashwant I.e 10% of earnings be donated for good deeds,poors and downtroddens,living below poverty line,to get their blessings. When Sikander e azam won entire india and wanted to extend few hours of life,he was helpless,as no wealth and power could allow him a single minute.He consulted his Rajrishi,who gave him this light of GYAN that only DUA can save you,which he never got from hands raised by those to whome he would have helped. Society's mission is to reach to maximum poorest to poor people by way of their help and those families,where no bread and butter earner is alive.Also society's vision is to associate more and more such like minded people,who wish to contribute by way of donations.Society also plans to move application to Ministry of Finance,Govt.of India to grant status of charitable societies to whome donations paid are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of I.T Act in near future.